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14 Jul 2021

The New way to rotate SSH keys is here!

At cloud scale simple tasks such as SSH key management become exponentially harder to do. Large companies such as Lyft and Facebook have moved on to SSH Certificates time for you to make the jump too!

14 Jun 2021

Sign Your Code with GitHub Actions

At Keytos we help secure the internet by making cryptographic products easier to use, we are excited to introduce our new open-source codesigning for Windows GitHub action.

07 Jun 2021

Why are Hackers Targeting GitHub?

Hackers are attacking GitHub instances. Time for security teams to fight back by securing their GitHub instances with SSH Certificates and EZGIT the first GitHub SSH Certificate CA.

07 Apr 2021

How SSH Certificates Work

SSH has become a target in the latest round of security breaches. Learn how SSH Certificates are the best way to protect your infrastructure by removing the need of life cycling SSH keys and improving user experience.

29 Mar 2021

Are you still using SSH Keys? Start using SSH Certificates today!

SSH Keys have been the security standard for the last few decades. Time to modernize with a more secure and easy to lifecycle solution SSH Certificates.