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15 Jan 2022

How to Create a Secure Certificate Authority In Azure

We are happy to announce EZCA the PKI built for your cloud scale certificate needs. EZCA will empower your security team to create highly secure and compliant certificate authorities around the world while helping them to prevent costly outages by giving them full visibility into your organizations certificates.

08 Oct 2021

AAD Login for Linux Machines is Here!

SSH Keys were designed for a time when SSH was protected by a strong network barrier. With today's zero trust world a stronger password-less identity story is needed. This is why we created the first agent-less AAD based authentication for Linux endpoints.

24 Aug 2021

BlackHat Recap

BlackHat 2021 was a great way to catch up with industry experts and talk about the latest security trends. Read our recap to learn more about the latest trends.

28 Jul 2021

CloudWatcher is now Open Source!

Following security best practices help reduce the chances of a security breach. However, companies need to be ready to detect and mitigate a breach as soon as it happens. To protect our critical infrastructure we created CloudWatcher and today we are excited to share it with the world for free!

14 Jul 2021

The New way to rotate SSH keys is here!

At cloud scale simple tasks such as SSH key management become exponentially harder to do. Large companies such as Lyft and Facebook have moved on to SSH Certificates time for you to make the jump too!

14 Jun 2021

Sign Your Code with GitHub Actions

At Keytos we help secure the internet by making cryptographic products easier to use, we are excited to introduce our new open-source codesigning for Windows GitHub action.

07 Jun 2021

Why are Hackers Targeting GitHub?

Hackers are attacking GitHub instances. Time for security teams to fight back by securing their GitHub instances with SSH Certificates and EZGIT the first GitHub SSH Certificate CA.

07 Apr 2021

How SSH Certificates Work

SSH has become a target in the latest round of security breaches. Learn how SSH Certificates are the best way to protect your infrastructure by removing the need of life cycling SSH keys and improving user experience.

29 Mar 2021

Are you still using SSH Keys? Start using SSH Certificates today!

SSH Keys have been the security standard for the last few decades. Time to modernize with a more secure and easy to lifecycle solution SSH Certificates.

22 Mar 2021

How We Use Azure Key Vault to Keep Keys Safe

Keytos was created by passionate security experts with years of experience securing PKI infrastructure for some of the largest cloud providers in the world. Read more to learn how we create your keys in Azure Key Vault and how the private key never leaves the HSM.