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20 Jul 2022

ACME Is Now Available for Windows ADCS (Active Directory Certificate Services) with EZCA

You can now use the popular PKI protocol ACME to manage your ADCS (Active Directory Certificate Services) internal certificates with Keytos' EZCA. Allowing you to use your same certificate automation tools you use for your external certificates for your internal certificates.

01 Jul 2022

Anyone Can Issue SSL Certificates for Your Domain

Stolen subdomains are a hot commodity in the black market, CAA records can help you protect your organization from this scary vulnerability by limiting SSL Certificate issuance to your organization only. learn more on how to set it up.

17 Jun 2022

Do not Domain Join Linux VMs to Active Directory

While Domain joining your Linux machines to Active Directory might sound like a good way to do identity and access management for Linux at scale. Linux was not designed for this, and in the long term it will cause more issues than it solves. The solution SSH Certificates!

01 Jun 2022

Stop Your Next Outage Before It Happens with Good Certificate Practices

SSL Certificate expiry is one of the main causes of outages, costing companies millions of dollars. This can be prevented with these four certificate management best practices.

01 May 2022

Your Azure Cloud is Vulnerable to Subdomain Takeover

In its first month, EZMonitor found over 30000 Azure domains vulnerable to domain takeover. This detection has helped hundreds of companies detect and prevent phishing attacks before they happen. Check your your domains for free with EZMonitor.

15 Apr 2022

Detect Phishing and Man in the Middle Attacks Before They Happen

Certificate Transparency logs give organizations full visibility into all the SSL certificates in the world. Keytos EZMonitor uses the intelligent cloud to process billions of SSL certificates and find man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing sites before your customers are affected.

31 Mar 2022

Get ADCS Ready for Cloud Scale

ADCS has been the go to Certificate Authority for over two decades, while it is secure and reliable, it does not meet the cloud needs that organizations now have. EZCA enables you to modernize your existing ADCS PKI by extending it and adding modern protocols such as REST API, Azure Key Vault integration, Azure IoT integration, and ACME

15 Mar 2022

IoT Passwordless Authentication Is One Click Away

With the rush to market, many IoT manufacturers are hard-coding passwords for IoT Devices to communicate with their command-and-control servers. The problem with this is that if a hacker guesses the password gets access to your whole fleet. In this blog we show how EZCA can help you save that problem with one click.

01 Mar 2022

Secure Your Cloud with Keytos and Azure Sentinel

To reduce the time to mitigate and improve your threat hunting abilities, we are happy to announce that all Keytos products are now able to send security information to Azure Sentinel. Enabling this SIEM connection is one more way that we help your organization stay secure against the ever evolving threats.

18 Feb 2022

IoT is Under Attack!

The number of deployed IoT Devices is growing exponentially, and so are the cyber-attacks geared against IoT. The first large scale IoT device attack was Mirai botnet bringing down a large part of the internet. How did the attacker gain control over thousands of IoT devices? It was simply a hard coded credential that gained them access into the device's Operating System.