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20 Nov 2022

What Are Certificate Transparency Logs

As with many security tools, the origin of certificate transparency logs can be traced back to a cyberattack. The attack that can be credited with the creation of CT Logs is the 2011 DigiNotar attack. Now, Certificate Transparency logs enable organizations to have full visibility to all certificates issued for their domains.

31 Oct 2022

How to Automatically Rotate AAD Application Certificates

With the exponential growth of online services, it has become impossible to manually rotate application certificates. Learn how you can automate your AAD Application certificate rotation with the new automatic Azure AD certificate rotation from EZCA.

20 Oct 2022

SSH The Hidden Risk That Will Cause Your Next Data Breach

SSH has become the weakest point in cloud security and hackers have noticed. Over the past few years we have seen an exponential increase of cyber attacks targeted to SSH. Organizations adopting zero-trust architecture must take a hard look at their existing identity management for SSH.

30 Sep 2022

How to Implement Azure Certificate Based Authentication

Stop phishing attacks with Microsofts unphishable credentials by using PIV X.509 certificates in Azure with Azure certificate based authentication (CBA) and become a fully passwordless organization.

30 Aug 2022

A Look Back at Blackhat, Defcon, & Gartner IAM Summit

After 3 weeks in the west coast, the team is back from GartnerIAM, Blackhat, and Defcon and we wanted to share with you what was top of mind with the hundreds of cybersecurity experts we talked to.